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Essential Exercises for Shinobue-Playing

Instructor: Heidi Chan


August 19 // 2:00 PM - 4:30 PM

This workshop aims to offer participants some fundamental concepts for the practice and performance of the shinobue. Notions such as  balance, relaxation, physical and emotional awareness, and tonal sensitivity are presented as fundamental to productive, confident, and, most importantly, joyful engagement with the fue.

Main objectives of the workshop:

  • to offer essential exercises and concepts for developing better consistency and tone quality on the shinobue
  • to offer players specific points of attention for self-correction
  • to elucidate on the benefits of basic but often challenging exercises like long notes, quiet notes, lower-register notes, etc. 

We will be using a #8 shinobue for this workshop, but players who do not own a #8 fue are still welcome to participate. Fue will be available for rent or purchase at registration. 

Workshop 1C - Essential Exercises for Shinobue-Playing

  • Room 330

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